Our company is having an event in conjunction with the show at another location in the city. Can you help me with that as well?

Yes, we also provide services for social and food functions. Centerpieces for an intimate dinner party, large buffets for cocktail parties or bud vases for a breakfast meeting, trees with lighting, themed events, etc. just let us know.

Will my flowers last the entire show?

Yes! We make a point of using the very freshest material to make sure it lasts the entire show.

Is the rental price per day or for the entire show?

Our prices are for the entire event.

Can you help me with my booth? Is there a charge to design my booth?

We are happy to make plant and floral recommendations. Feel free to fax, email or overnight any rough sketches or complete renderings, blueprints, photos, graphics, fabric swatches, etc. The more info you provide us the better we can assist. There is no charge for this service.

I don't know what any of these are, what if I don't like what you bring me?

If you do not specify a particular variety, we will bring you a nice healthy specimen of our choice. If you are not happy with your product, come see us at the exhibitor service desk and we will change out for another variety of your choice. We are not happy until you are!

Do I need to be there when you deliver?

No, we will place the items you ordered in your space and return to pick them up at the show's closing.

How late can I order? Can I order once I get on show site? Can I add more once I get to show site?

We encourage you to order in advance to insure that we have plenty of the specific products you are seeking on hand for you. You may order on show site, however the on site prices are usually $5-$10 higher per item and we cannot be assured of having the EXACT item you may be seeking (although most of the time we do). Adding to your order on site is never a problem. We often take orders even after the show has opened and deliver on the second or third day of the show.

Is delivery included?

Yes as well as maintenance during the show and pickup afterwards.

What happens to the plants after the show?

We will return to pick up the foliage plants to take them back to the greenhouse. Cut floral arrangements are yours to enjoy. If you are interested in the flowering plants come see us at the exhibitor service desk and we can discuss.


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