At Overend Designs, we are sticklers for quality and uncompromised service. Overend Designs provides rental foliage, plantscaping, flowering plants and fresh-cut floral designs to the trade show industry.

Each order includes rental, delivery & pickup, service and a decorative container. Foliage can be selected by size, flowering plants by type and color, and floral arrangements by setting, including reception counter, conference table and coffee table designs. Glass bubble bowls are also available.

We provide hands-on, undivided attention to every show manager prior to and during every show in coordinating all plant and floral design aspects of the show.

We perform on site visits to the growers and suppliers of the materials we will be using. We use flowering plants that have been specifically set aside and held at the greenhouses to ensure that they are at the peak of their bloom period for the show.

Quality Control - We inspect all materials delivered to the show site before accepting them and will reject any materials which are not up to our standards.

We perform a comprehensive floor check to ensure that every booth has received the proper order, that is has been installer properly, that the decorative planters match, and that the exhibitor is satisfied with the plants and services received.

best replica breitlingWe conduct morning booth and floor checks every day of the show to ensure that there are no wilted flowers, damaged plants, etc.

ralph lauren poloPlanter boxes are always full and lush. We do not cut corners in our obligation to show management by providing whatever happens to be left over. Show management areas receive the highest priorit, in product and service, as we believe that beautifully conceived and executed floral treatments can greatly enhance the look and appeal of a show.

We remain on-site throughout every show and check-in with show management every day to see if anything is needed. We are also reachable at all times by walkie-talkie, cellular phone, beeper and E-mail.



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